Unscented Olive Soap


Unscented Olive Soap is handmade using organic extra virgin olive oil. This extra gentle bar is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate. It has a stable but conditioning lather that will not leave that “tight” feeling afterward.

USE Face, body and hair for sensitive skin
SCENT Unscented

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*extra virgin olive oil, distilled water, *coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (*organic)


Unscented Olive Soap is what we like to call "the all in one" because we use it in so many ways. It is a very gentle bar made mostly with extra virgin olive oil. We recommend it for babies, small children or for those with extra sensitive skin. We left the bar unscented to focus on its conditioning properties. Although it is made with mostly extra virgin olive oil, it still has a very bubbly lather. This soap is an excellent facial and body bar, because of how gentle and conditioning it is to the skin. Try using this bar as a shampoo bar, you will be surprised at how easy it will lather up in your hair. It also will shock you that it does not dry out the hair. This soap is also an excellent face soap, because of how gentle and conditioning it is to the skin.

Unscented Olive Soap Properties


100% Handmade & cold processed soap

All-natural made with high-quality oils

Contains no synthetic chemicals

Unscented, excellent for sensitive skin

Gentle enough for babies

Suitable for skin types

Good for facial care bar

Use as a shaving bar

Helps to treat oily and acne skin

Conditioning as well as cleansing

Use for the entire family

Use as a shampoo the bar for all hair types


Store on a slotted dish. Allow the bar to dry after every use to extend shelf life.