Olive Herb Soap


Olive Herb Soap is handmade with aloe, extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, and herbs to soothe irritated skin. This conditioning bar treats dry and itchy skin, scalp ailments and acne yet its gentle enough to use daily.

USE Face, body and hair for problematic skin
SCENT Herbaceous, earthy and fresh

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*extra virgin olive oil,*aloe juice, *coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, essential oil blend: eucalyptus, rosemary, *tea tree, geranium, *patchouli, and clary sage, dried herb blend: nettle, burdock, thyme, rosemary, *witch hazel, goldenseal, *neem and lavender (*organic)


Olive Herb Soap was created for people who suffer from acne, skin inflammation, scalp irritation, and skin conditions. It is made primarily with extra virgin olive oil. Instead of using water, we used aloe juice for its skin healing abilities. In addition, we have infused the soap with a healing herb blend to further assist with healing acne, eczema, and problematic skin. This soap is suitable as a shampoo bar to treat dandruff and scalp irritations. Our blend of essential oils is anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. The aroma is stimulating, tantalizing, herbal, earthy and fresh.


100% Handmade & cold processed

All-natural made with high-quality oils

Infused with bacteria busting herbs

Contains no synthetic chemicals

Scented with pure essential oils

​Use as a shaving bar

Excellent facial bar, for oily and acne skin

Helps to balance oily skin

Conditioning to dry skin

Use for the entire body

Use as a shampoo the bar for greasy hair or scalp ailments

Soothes wounds and burns

Relieves skin and scalp inflammation

Helps treat dandruff

Reduces acne breakouts

Has natural astringent properties

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