Babassu Hair Butter


Babassu Hair Butter is an all-natural blend of Brazilian babassu oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and essential oils. It was created to restore fragile hair damaged by heat, relaxers, and coloring. Use for maintaining everyday moisture to help prevent split ends and dull hair.

USE Formulated for hair, may use on skin
TEXTURE Light and penetrates quickly
SCENT Lemon with subtle flowery undertones


raw shea butter, **virgin babassu oil, golden jojoba oil, *sunflower oil, raw honey, vitamin E, sandalwood essential oil, lemon essential oil and *lavender essential oil (*organic, **wild harvested)


Babassu Hair Butter was formulated for dry and damaged hair due to blow drying, relaxers or simply poor hair care habits. The key ingredient is babassu oil harvested from the babassu palm tree found in the Amazon rain forest located in Brazil. It protects and penetrates the hair while leaving behind a nice sheen without greasy residue. Together the combination of shea butter, babassu oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil creates intensive hydration. It has a light texture that melts effortlessly upon skin contact allowing easy application. This butter is particularly beneficial for wavy, curly, relaxed hair or straight damaged hair.


Balances natural oil production

Restores moisture to dry and damaged hair

Provides shine and luster

Helps prevent hair loss

Maintains scalp health

Aids in manageability

Stimulates healthy hair growth

Prevents and treats split ends

Smooths frizzy hair

Balances natural oil production

Relieve scalp itching, inflammation, and dandruff​


For best results, apply to clean damp hair. Remove a penny size amount and rub it into the palm of your hand. Work into your hair down to the ends.

Always use clean and dry fingers when applying onto the skin. Water introduces bacteria growth. Use a fair amount at a time, as with any butter, too much will be too greasy.

Store this product in a cool and dry environment and keep away from direct sunlight. Keep lid closed when not in use.

Climate Shipping Note
Our butters are heat sensitive and will start to melt in temperatures above 78 degrees. When shipped during the summer or to hot climates our butters will arrive melted. If your butter arrives melted, do not open it. Place it in a cooler area or stick it in the refrigerator until it firms up. All whipped butters will decrease in volume and may appear nearly half full. During the winter, all butters will be less pliable until it reaches room temperature.