Which serum is best for my face?

We recommend reading through the properties and benefits of each serum to determine which is best for you. If you still are uncertain, we would certainly help to guide you.

What products are good for acne or oily skin?

We usually recommend the Gentle Cleansing Facial Scrub, Oily Acne Face Serum, and Olive Herb Soap for people with acne and oily skin. Please check out our Oily Acne Facial Care Bundle. We recommend using only our products for at least one week to test the effectiveness. 

What do you recommend for dry or aging skin?

We recommend using the Lavender Oat Soap and Mature Dry Face Serum. Try out our Mature Dry Facial Care Bundle

What could I use for under eye bags?

Any of our virgin oils could be applied under the eye. However, please read through the properties to find which is best suited for you.

What facial regime is for sensitive skin?

We recommend using the Normal Sensitive Face Serum and Unscented Olive Soap. Please check out our Normal Sensitive Facial Care Bundle.

What should I use for my excessively dry skin?

To help alleviate dry skin it is always best to stop using products that are drying out your skin. If you are using commercial soap chances are it is contributing to your skin is dry. We recommend using our handmade soap along with our Healing Dry Skin Butter or Intense Moisture Body Butter for starters. Please check out our Dry Skin Body Bundle.

Could I use your products on babies or very sensitive skin?

You sure could! You could use any of our virgin oils, raw butters, Soothing Lavender Body Oil, Healing Dry Skin Butter, Unscented Olive Soap and Lavender Oat Soap.

What do I use for stretch marks and scarring?

We formulated Intense Moisture Body Butter and Essential Reviving Body Oil to help prevent and heal scar tissue. You may also want to check out our virgin oils and butters too because they also assist with skin repair.

Which product will help my scalp?

It really depends on whether your scalp is dry, itchy, oily or you have dandruff, etc. For starters, you may want to try using our Olive Herb Soap for any of these issues. In addition, use Moringa Seed Oil or Guava Seed Oil because they have some amazing benefits that help repair various scalp ailments.

What should I use to rebuild the health of my hair?

There is no one answer. It all depends on the cause of your unhealthy hair. Healthy hair is well hydrated hair. We have a variety of oils and butters suited for various hair textures loaded with essential nutrients that restore hair back to health. Feel free to explore your options.

What product is best for my hair type?

Your hair texture and the health of your hair are key components when looking for a product. Next, ask yourself what you need this product to do for you. Lastly, carefully read the properties of the product and the ingredients. For example: if the properties are all there, but the texture is not what you are looking for, you may want to choose another product.

Are your oils cold pressed and organic?

Yes, they are cold pressed. Our oils are wild harvested or organically grown. However, we do not have an organic certification. 

Why do you sell virgin oils?

We sell virgin oils because they naturally contain antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. When oils are refined, high heat is used along with solvents with removes most of the nutrients of the oil in addition to its scent and color. The ending product is just the "feel" of the oil, minus its beneficial properties. Virgin oils also offer simplicity. One oil could be used to moisturize the face, body, scalp, and hair. In addition, virgin oils are effective at maintaining skin health and repairing skin ailments of various sorts.

Which virgin oil is best for me?

First, determine what is the intended use of the product. Remember, virgin oils are not limited to using in one way. On each product page, we have a general summary and a detailed description of the properties and benefits of each oil. Read through the properties and benefits to determine which would be the best fit for you.

What if I do not like the smell of the virgin oil?

You may love the properties and benefits of an oil but dislike its natural smell. You could add essential oils to your oil. The general dilution rate is 2% for blending essential oils. For our 1-ounce bottle, you would use 12 drops of essential oil. For sensitive or delicate skin, use 6 drops. Remember, to do your research before using essential oils.

Why is there sediment at the bottom of my oil?

It is normal for unrefined oil to have some sediment at the bottom of bottle.

My virgin oil differs from the last one a received, why?

Nature plays such a huge role in the slight variation of virgin oils. The soil, the time of harvest, the weather and location affects the taste, smell and color of the fruit, therefore there will be a slight variation of the oil from batch to batch.

What are raw butters be used for?

They could be used for an everyday moisturizer for your entire body and hair. If you are feeling experimental, they could be blended with other carrier oils and/or butters.

Are raw butters good for eczema and psoriasis?

Absolutely yes, it works wonders on dry skin. When applied to affected areas they are easily absorbed into your skin, softening and providing a protective barrier on the skin. For best results, apply to clean damp skin.

I have sensitive skin, are raw butters safe for me?

Our butters are safe for all skin types including delicate baby skin. While these butters are pure and unrefined, it's always best to do a patch test to be certain.

How are your soaps made?

Our soaps are made by the cold process method. Melted oils are mixed with sodium hydroxide without adding external heat until they reach a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is called saponification, which means "turning into soap". The soap is poured into a mold where the saponification continues. After 24-48 hours, the soap is removed from the mold and is cut into bars. These bars are left to cure (harden) for 5-6 weeks.

Are your soaps suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, they are. Our handmade soaps are void of synthetic ingredients. However, just because it is natural does not mean that someone could not be allergic to any of the ingredients. We list all our ingredients in each product and advise you to read them. If you are unsure if a vegetable oil, essential oil or botanical may cause an allergic reaction, we advise trying our Unscented Olive Soap.

How does your soap differ from other brands?

All soap is not created equal, which includes handmade soap. Ingredients are key. Therefore, we keep it all natural, using unrefined vegetable oils and butters, essential oils and botanicals. Most of our soap contains a high percentage of extra virgin olive oil and conditioning oils. Due to this, our soaps are extremely moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.