Facial Care

Normal Sensitive Face Serum


Normal Sensitive Face Serum is made with a super concentrated non-clogging blend of pure plants oils and pure essential oils to balance and protect normal and sensitive skin. Quickly penetrates into skin without greasy residue providing the skin with vitamins, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants.

USE Normal, sensitive or combination skin


virgin grapeseed oil, *sunflower oil, golden jojoba oil, vitamin E, Essential oil blend: **roman chamomile, *lavender, ylang-ylang (*organic, **wild harvested)


Normal Sensitive Face Serum is made especially for people with normal and sensitive skin. It is an all-natural blend of non-greasy vegetable oils and essential oils. Because it is super concentrated, a little pea-sized drop is all that is needed. Immediately, your skin begins to absorb all the nutrients contained in this oil. Use our face serum in place of any facial moisturizer.


Improves skin softness

Contains antioxidants that fight free radicals

Helps protect skin from sun damage

Mild astringent properties control acne

Assists in skin regeneration

Helps prevent premature aging

Improves skin moisture retention

Balances natural skin oil

Calms skin irritation

Anti-inflammatory properties help the skin to heal

Lightens scars and blemishes

Tones the skin

Promotes healthy skin complexion


For best results apply to clean damp skin. A little goes a long way, use a pea-size amount and apply to the face. Allow the oil to thoroughly absorb into the skin.

Store this product in a cool and dry environment. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.